A close-up, iron man are not the ultimate goal of his cool Elon Musk is space

ring  speak as though life is a science fiction film.
A gifted child,
a large number of science fiction books read in childhood,
but because of superior intelligence and childrens bullying by peers,
he vowed to grow up to create great technology,
change the world,
then he really did it sounds like a science fiction movie plot? This is the real life of Elon musk! New York Times referred to him as the real world iron man,
the two have a lot in common,
such as enthusiasm for science and technology such as spend money like water,
and a sense of mission to protect the earth.
But the Elon Musk have more cool than iron man resume.
In 1971,
Elon Musk was born in South Africa,
a wealthy family,
his childhood training enormous interest in space.
At the age of 12,
he wrote a space game software and sold 00.
After leaving South Africa,
he received a bachelors degree in economics and physics at the University of Pennsylvania.
After the plan to study the Stanford University of Applied Physics and materials

He wrote more than 1200 songs, but only 5 for his favorite fashion

ring enty years thirty years experience in fashion lyrics refined song lyrics are thought to see the GQ Style fresh out of the reader,
probably is inside the 8 Wyman Wong Wyman special visual impact and the whole universe be startled at the fashion without love one of the lyrics for nearly 7 years,
to record 2734 photos every day he is GQ Style the other.
Wyman friends,
GQ Style executive editor Cui Dan took us to the streets of Hongkong,
the scene captures the claws of the fine gold fashion.
In addition to this show you will see his funny character of the video,
we also invited his friend Wang ice with his talk of fashion,
lyrics about Eason Chan,
Queen Faye Wongs flamboyant dress,
Kelly Chan shoe and bag this is the first of several fashionable songs behind the story.
Wyman Wong provides GQ Styles day shape recording photos,
only in the video display of a total of 100,
a total of 100 models.
there are not many single items in the picture.
But we still ask him to challenge

Want to join StartAppWantsYouNow, the fastest growing company in New York?

ring nd featured on the StartApp Founded in for 2010,
Startapp was recently named by Inc Magazine as the #1 fastest growing company in New York and #7 Overall in the US.
StartApp currently partners with over 220000 applications working with,
a database of over mobile users worldwide.
StartApp 1.
4 billion provides publishers and advertisers with innovative and effective mobile solutions.
The company is headquartered in New York City with additional offices in San Francisco,
Tel Aviv,
and more.
Startapp Employee Perks: Stock options for all employees Trip to Tel Aviv,
Dead Sea,
Israel for training and year end company party Competitive Pay M Sales Manager in the post - Beijing Responsibilitie S: Generate new business with the aim of creating more revenue for StartApp through bringing aboard mobile advertisers and publishers in the APAC region Target performance and brand advertisers,
individual and company media buyers,
agencies buying mobile advertising Identify app develo

Chinese story porcelain job (three) priceless color device

ring cess,
originated in the Ming Dynasty Xuande,
real is very rare.
Chenghua years,
the ceramic process is doucai to the extreme.
According to incomplete statistics,
as of the reign of emperor 23 years,
the production of imperial porcelain of not less than 500 thousand pieces,
but handed down doucai porcelain is less and less.
The remaining color device,
there is a very precious doucai chicken cylinder cup.
Color VS funny color innocently tell Chinese,
as the worlds first invention of porcelain country,
known as the hometown of porcelain reputation.
By place of origin,
decoration and so on many different classification and names of different porcelain.
Among them,
the color the name of the source,
there have been a variety of claims,
in addition to color flourish,
has jumped out of the accident,
also said that: the name and its technological characteristics of color.
Color production is usually drawn in blue and white wadding and glaze,
after 1300 degrees h

Our men to open the room I don't want to work with you before bed

ring richest? Tragedy,
I have a brother who will never grow up.
For the first time,
I have seen some people say impotence so well.
The crux of the problem,
I found that in imperceptible,
the focus of advertising in a city has changed from infertility to cosmetic surgery.
This shows that people gradually understand,
in fact,
can not reproduce the main cause of the disease in the face.
Daughter: Mom,
Im going to have dinner with my boyfriend today.
Mom: remember,
dont drink while youre eating.
A girl who takes a drink will fall for it.
Daughter: Mom,
you can rest assured.
Mom: thats good.
Thats good.
Daughter: Ive been married.
The satisfaction of a more expensive meal is not necessarily the instinctive satisfaction of eating fried food when you are hungry.
Do you know why I have this idea? Because I havent eaten any expensive dishes.
whats the matter today,
brother Wang? Well,
not with your sister-in-law yet.
She suspected that I was looking for a woman outside wit

The central bank's prudent monetary policy has not changed

ring g the seasonal variation,
the local government bond issuance and debt replacement and other factors,
the current financial support for the real economy is still strong reporter Li Yuqian said the central bank for the April new credit scale and M2 growth rate decreased significantly,
and after the season,
the number of base factor adjustment and consider the local government bond issuance and debt replacement and other factors,
the current overall monetary credit and social financing scale growth is still stable and normal,
reasonably adequate liquidity in the banking system,
all kinds of market interest rates remain stable at a low level.
The central bank released data show that in April new RMB loans 555 billion 600 million yuan,
last month and last year less than 817 billion 300 million yuan and 152 billion 300 million yuan; the scale of social financing in increments of 751 billion yuan,
last month and the same period last year 1 trillion and 650 billion yuan and 3

Remember, you only owe two people in your life

he top blue ha ha,
pay attention to see the fun content! In your life you owe only two people: one is mother,
and another is father.
As the saying goes,
filial piety,
filial piety is false as the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation for thousands of years of history,
their parents is not only a kind of moral behavior,
but also must abide by the law.
The family is the comprehensive performance of a personal kindness,
love and conscience; honor their parents,
respect for elders,
is part of life,
is as unalterable principles of virtue,
is also a prerequisite for the formation of all virtues,
so it has been praised by people.
Just imagine,
if a person can not even honor his parents and repay the grace of upbringing,
who still believes he is a human? Who wants to deal with him? The fol