Are you throw away is actually eating the wrong treasure

cle (amy6562) --- health is the first wealth of life! Health is a state of mind! Know something about your health,
your body and your own decisions! A lot of food is not known,
have been thrown away,
then what are we do not know? Today is to look at it from radish leaves so it is rich in vitamin A,
skin and eyes are essential nutrients.
And vitamin C content of radish leaves is rich,
not only can prevent skin aging,
and prevent melanin formation,
but also can prevent vascular aging and atherosclerosis.
Dietary fiber in leaves,
can promote gastrointestinal motility,
constipation prevention and control.
In addition,
its rich calcium is also a good source of calcium.
Radish leaves can boil into soup,
the practice is very simple.
The first leaves chopped in boiling water,
boil hot look;