A close-up, iron man are not the ultimate goal of his cool Elon Musk is space

ring  speak as though life is a science fiction film.
A gifted child,
a large number of science fiction books read in childhood,
but because of superior intelligence and childrens bullying by peers,
he vowed to grow up to create great technology,
change the world,
then he really did it sounds like a science fiction movie plot? This is the real life of Elon musk! New York Times referred to him as the real world iron man,
the two have a lot in common,
such as enthusiasm for science and technology such as spend money like water,
and a sense of mission to protect the earth.
But the Elon Musk have more cool than iron man resume.
In 1971,
Elon Musk was born in South Africa,
a wealthy family,
his childhood training enormous interest in space.
At the age of 12,
he wrote a space game software and sold 00.
After leaving South Africa,
he received a bachelors degree in economics and physics at the University of Pennsylvania.
After the plan to study the Stanford University of Applied Physics and materials