Chinese story porcelain job (three) priceless color device

ring cess,
originated in the Ming Dynasty Xuande,
real is very rare.
Chenghua years,
the ceramic process is doucai to the extreme.
According to incomplete statistics,
as of the reign of emperor 23 years,
the production of imperial porcelain of not less than 500 thousand pieces,
but handed down doucai porcelain is less and less.
The remaining color device,
there is a very precious doucai chicken cylinder cup.
Color VS funny color innocently tell Chinese,
as the worlds first invention of porcelain country,
known as the hometown of porcelain reputation.
By place of origin,
decoration and so on many different classification and names of different porcelain.
Among them,
the color the name of the source,
there have been a variety of claims,
in addition to color flourish,
has jumped out of the accident,
also said that: the name and its technological characteristics of color.
Color production is usually drawn in blue and white wadding and glaze,
after 1300 degrees h