How difficult is it for the tadpoles to hit the world?

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com normal mature man ejaculates although from tens of millions or even as high as 200 million sperm,
but most of these sperm in the acidic environment of the female reproductive tract in the loss of vitality and death.
In general,
sperm do not live longer than 8 hours in the vagina,
and only a small part of the sperm goes out and continues.
Sperm swim fastest 4 millimeters per minute.
Sperm are small,
with a length of only 55 microns,
about half the diameter of human hair.
But sperm swimming speed is amazing,
some sperm can swim 4 millimeters per minute.
It takes at least 45 minutes for the sperm to complete the fallopian tube and 3 days to run slowly.
Sperm hit rate is only 25%,
a healthy couple,
ovulation in the same room,