Intelligent sphygmomanometer 30, no cuff, finger warm heart egg, also can monitor heart rate at the same time

ring  micro signal: wow36kr third generation of intelligent blood pressure meter.
Electronic sphygmomanometer developed to the present,
already had third generation of intelligent blood pressure meter.
And compared to the smart blood pressure monitor on the market,
Yang Jiawei believes that warm heart eggs can also be used as an intelligent blood pressure meter 3 representative.
Warm heart egg is an intelligent product measuring blood pressure and heart rate for nearly 3 years,
and Yang Jiawei is the founder and CEO of warm core.
He said that even the intelligent blood pressure meter,
the majority of the market is through the cuff pressure and decompression,
by auscultation or wave measuring blood pressure.
Because of discomfort caused by cuff pressure,
this type of sphygmomanometer is called a Cuff sphygmomanometer,
such as Kang Kang,
blood pressure,
and so on.
In recent years,
there have been some non sleeve (cuffless) of the blood pressure meter,
general measurement based on pulse wave tr