Our men to open the room I don't want to work with you before bed

ring richest? Tragedy,
I have a brother who will never grow up.
For the first time,
I have seen some people say impotence so well.
The crux of the problem,
I found that in imperceptible,
the focus of advertising in a city has changed from infertility to cosmetic surgery.
This shows that people gradually understand,
in fact,
can not reproduce the main cause of the disease in the face.
Daughter: Mom,
Im going to have dinner with my boyfriend today.
Mom: remember,
dont drink while youre eating.
A girl who takes a drink will fall for it.
Daughter: Mom,
you can rest assured.
Mom: thats good.
Thats good.
Daughter: Ive been married.
The satisfaction of a more expensive meal is not necessarily the instinctive satisfaction of eating fried food when you are hungry.
Do you know why I have this idea? Because I havent eaten any expensive dishes.
whats the matter today,
brother Wang? Well,
not with your sister-in-law yet.
She suspected that I was looking for a woman outside wit