Remember, you only owe two people in your life

he top blue ha ha,
pay attention to see the fun content! In your life you owe only two people: one is mother,
and another is father.
As the saying goes,
filial piety,
filial piety is false as the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation for thousands of years of history,
their parents is not only a kind of moral behavior,
but also must abide by the law.
The family is the comprehensive performance of a personal kindness,
love and conscience; honor their parents,
respect for elders,
is part of life,
is as unalterable principles of virtue,
is also a prerequisite for the formation of all virtues,
so it has been praised by people.
Just imagine,
if a person can not even honor his parents and repay the grace of upbringing,
who still believes he is a human? Who wants to deal with him? The fol