Traced forced employees to buy mobile phones, music as a response does not matter, but half price benefits

ring eported] May 13th news,
as for the music as employees broke the news,
the company forced to buy music as a mobile phone,
as the music side said the report does not match the facts.
The ins and outs of this situation is this: as music staff broke the news yesterday received internal mail.
E-mail said,
in order to let the staff feel the music as the ultimate experience of the product,
need to Ecological Marketing Center all employees the use of music as a super high version of mobile phone 2.
If the purchase is not required in May 20th,
employees will be required to contribute to the company.
The general manager will donate at least 2000 of the total,
the director level 1000,
and the following 500 of the directors.
In this regard,
the eco administrative micro-blog announced that the company has never forced employees to purchase music as a super mobile phone,
the real situation is: Ecological Marketing Center to strengthen staff awareness and understanding of their products,
products and service